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Conor Kennedy ‘calls her his girlfriend’

August 1, 2012

Photos of Taylor and Conor getting cozy in the Cape resulted in a deluge of rumors labeling them as a couple.  But all that gossip can be put to rest because the curly-haired Kennedy thinks of Taylor as more than a friend, according to the New York Post.

After a weekend of sailing and strolling hand-in-hand at the Kennedy compound, the two appear to have an obvious romantic connection.  Both were visibly smitten with each other in the photos that surfaced of their recent time together, but for Conor, this is more than just a summer fling.

“It’s been two weeks and he’s in love,” one source said.

Taylor has also warmed the hearts of the rest of the Kennedy clan.  She was spotted involving young girls of the family in one of her favorite activities–face painting.

She has already earned the respect of Ethel Kennedy, RFK’s widow.  The 83-year-old adores Swift’s talents and kind nature as much as Swift admires her and her relatives.  Taylor has admitted to having an obsession with the family’s history, saying she watches numerous TV documentaries and even read a 900-page book about the Kennedy women.  In January, she attended the Sundance Film Festival in support of Rory Kennedy’s HBO documentary Ethel.

Taylor’s connection with the family led to celebrating the Fourth of July with the them in Hyannis Port.  It’s believed this visit sparked the romance between Ethel’s grandson Conor and Taylor (even though we all thought she was falling for Patrick Schwarzenegger).

Conor turned 18 on July 24, causing speculation that the two kept their relationship quiet until he reached legal age.

No matter when the pair actually began dating, the sparks are flying and Swifties are fangirling.  When Taylor’s happy, we’re all happy.


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