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Ethel Kennedy Denies Playing Matchmaker

August 1, 2012

Some grandmothers are known for sticking their noses into their grandchildren’s personal lives but not Ethel Kennedy.  Speculation rose that the 83-year-old set up her grandson Conor with Taylor Swift, but she denies having a role in bringing the lovebirds together.

During an interview about the upcoming HBO documentary Ethel at the Television Critics Association Press Tour Wednesday, Ethel did not take credit for helping develop TaCo (or Caylor or Swennedy or whatever you call them), but she did express her thoughts when asked if she could see Taylor joining the Kennedy family in the future.

“We should be so lucky,” Ethel responded.

Ethel’s daughter and director of the film, Rory, was quick to ensure her mother did not elaborate.

“You can just leave it at that,” she said.

Taylor’s connection to the Kennedy’s sprouted when Rory took her two daughters to one of her concerts.

“That’s how we first met Taylor Swift. She is a great friend of ours,” Rory told reporters.

A great friend she is…attending the premiere of Ethel, spending the Fourth of July with the family, and eventually falling for the 18-year-old Conor.

Well, she’s definitely more than a friend to him.  And grandma approves.

Watch Ethel and Rory talk about the documentary their mutual respect and admiration toward Taylor:


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